Q: How much does this cake cost? (picture attached to message)

A: Each quote takes a fair amount of time to make- if you can include the number of people it needs to serve and also the date you would need the cake on, it would a great way to start a message! Often times I can be booked up so the date allows me to respond quickly if I am unavailable and let you move on to contact another baker. Also, cake is priced per serving, so if you give me the number of guests you need your cake to serve, this helps greatly in my ability to provide an accurate estimate!


Q: Do you offer gluten free/dairy free/sugar free/vegan options?

A: No. Being a home based business means I am very limited in space so I am unable to accommodate these options. What I have found works best for brides is to go to a nearby specialty store and purchase a few items and have them obviously labeled on your dessert table for your guests who are in need of those options.


Q: Do you provide flowers? Do you make flower arrangements?

A: No. You will need a florist to provide the flowers for your cake. This helps in the ability to have all your floral designs match when you go through just one person. I also do not make the flower arrangements- when I get to your wedding site I can place premade floral arrangements on the cake, but I don’t have supplies for creating the arrangements.


Q:Do you have to deliver the wedding cake?

A: No, however I recommend anything that is 3 or 4 tiers to be delivered unless you have a trusted/experienced family member or friend picking it up. If anything happens in transit I am no longer able to aid in a quick fix.


Q: What happens if someone crashed into you while you were en route to deliver the cake?

A: (my worst nightmare) If your cake is unable to be saved, and there was no serious injury needing hospitalization, I would go to a store and purchase cake as similar to the flavors you ordered and bring it to your venue. This way your guests would still have cake!