Gourmet Cakes

These cakes are delicious, beautiful and are great for any occasion

Cutout Cookie Cakes- these cakes are fashioned into the shape of your choosing! The almond cookie dough can be vanilla or chocolate and you can choose the flavor of buttercream frosting from the cake menu. The cake is then finished with your pick of toppings; candies, flowers, meringues, sprinkles etc… Each cake is unique based on your flavor choices, color scheme and toppings.

Starting price is $50.00

+Fresh fruits or macarons or specific flowers for an additional cost!

For all cakes below:

6” cake serves 8-10

8” cake serves 14

9” cake serves 17

10” cake serves 21

Carrot Cake Cheesecake –This cake is three layers- the top and bottom are a spicy carrot cake and the middle layer is an entire creamy cheesecake. All three layers are then roughly frosted in a cream cheese icing.

(9” cake only $60)

Death by Chocolate- A chocolate cake with mini chocolate chips is filled with a semi-sweet chocolate ganache, frosted with a fluffy chocolate buttercream and then a chocolate ganache is drizzled all over. ($3.25 per serving)

Chocolate Peanut butter- A chocolate cake with a creamy peanut butter filling, coated in a peanut butter frosting and drizzled with chocolate ganache. The cake is adorned with peanut buttercups! ($3.25 per serving)

Oreo overloadThis cake, filling and frosting are all filled with crushed oreo cookies. Super simple and the perfect cake for any oreo lover! ($3.50 per serving)

German Chocolate- A german chocolate cake filled with the classic coconut and walnut german cake filling, frosted in chocolate cream cheese icing and topped with even more yummy filling. ($3.50 per serving)

Chocolate Covered Strawberry- Chocolate cake with a Oregon strawberry filling, strawberry buttercream frosting and then coated with semi-sweet chocolate ganache. This cake is topped with chocolate dipped strawberries. ($3.50 per serving)

Cookie & Smore Overload-  This is a vanilla cake with layers of fluffy buttercream and chocolate ganache. The outside is covered in graham crackers and topped with chocolate ganache drips. On top is a mountain of chocolate chip cookies, oreos and brownies…its many desserts dressed up as one cake. ($3.50 per serving)

Caramel Apple Spice- A brown sugar spice cake with a caramel apple filling and frosted in swirls of caramel buttercream ($3.25 per serving)

Key Lime- White cake infused with lime zest and juice, filled with a lime curd and frosted in cream cheese icing. The frosting is then coated in crushed graham crackers and topped with even more yummy filling. ($3.25 per serving)

Pecan Pie- A white cake with hints of cinnamon and ginger filled with a pecan pie type filling and then frosted in a brown sugar cream cheese icing.  ($3.50 per serving)

Chocolate Mocha- A coffee infused chocolate cake with a mocha buttercream filling and frosting. The whole cake is then drizzled with chocolate ganache and then topped with swirls of more frosting and chocolate covered espresso beans! ($3.25 per serving)