Party cakes: At the bottom of the party cake menu you will see the calculation to find out how much a base price of your cake will be. If you want to feed 20 people you would see that a 6″& 8″ adds up to serve 22 people (2″x2″ pieces), multiply that by $2.50 per person and you will see that a base price will be $55.00. This does not include complex designs, toppers or flowers. For a full quote please contact via email with a picture(s) of your ideas or call.

Wedding cakes: the calculations are the same as party cakes except 3-4 tier cakes start at 3.50 per serving and you will notice that the cake tiers serve more people because wedding servings are smaller then party servings. (2″x1″ pieces)

All other desserts: Prices for cupcakes/sweets/gourmet cakes/doughnuts are listed on their respective menus!